Best Odour Control Systems

Best Odour Control Systems

Selecting the best odour control systems for your business can be a tough task. There’s a lot to consider: the size of the area you’re working with, the types of problems you need resolved, the impact on staff.

So, what is the best odour control system?

Tough question. It really depends on which industry you are working in. For example: if you’re looking to control odours at a chemical manufacturing plant, you will need a different solution than at a landfill.

Depending on your industry and your needs, some will need permanent solutions, while others only temporary.

Modern  hydraulic disposer empties a complete trailer, while bulldozer manages landfill.
A landfill will require a different solution to a construction site

The construction industry, which moves from place to place, would benefit more from temporary odour control equipment. Whereas a landfill – which isn’t going anywhere – needs something permanent.

What do Odour Control Systems do?

An effective odour control system will neutralise odours in industrial areas such as landfills, waste and water treatment sites, recycling plans and areas where chemicals are being used.

This is a necessary undertaking, as industrial odours can seriously affect the health, well-being and morale of workers and of the public.

By neutralising harmful and unpleasant industrial odours, we can create a more hygienic work environment. This will improve the likelihood of a healthier and happier workforce.

Industrial odours can create a huge problem for people living nearby, therefore it’s best to keep them in check to avoid any unwanted problems.

Maintaining effective industrial odour control solutions will decrease the chances of your business receiving complaints from local residents. Consequently, these complaints can lead to local government intervention.

Plasma Systems for Odour Control

Plasma systems are placed directly into the ventilation canopy

Our plasma systems utilise highly-effective disinfectants and odour neutralisers.

The system will release disinfectant directly into the kitchen ventilation canopy. Here, it will immediately begin to eliminate cooking odours, grease and smoke.

This system is simple to install and requires very little maintenance or additional running costs.

Nozzle Systems for Odour Control

We can install nozzle systems indoors or out. Nozzle systems are adjustable and made to measure. This allows us to ensure the system is pumping a sufficient amount of odour neutralising droplets into the atmosphere.

The systems are perfect for outdoor boundary control on both landfills and waste treatment plants. The systems come with control panels and filters which we can fit in the most convenient location for you.

Mobile Atomiser Systems for Odour Control

Mobile atomiser systems are self-contained units. They feature pressure pumps, atomisers, fan casings and electrical controls.

Mobile atomiser odour control system
Mobile atomiser odour control system

Powered by high-quality diesel generators, these units are very mobile, without losing any functionality. The mobile atomiser tank holds 1100 litres, allowing the machine to run from 8-24 hours spraying without refill.

Indeed, atomiser systems are an excellent way to control industrial odours and are also available as static units. We can fix static atomiser systems to existing building frames to control industrial odours.

Odour Control Solutions

At ODS, we supply both temporary and permanent odour control solutions. Because of this, our client base spans a range of industries, from construction to quarrying, to recycling and waste management.

We can advise on the best solution for your particular industry and specific business model. Hence, everyone’s requirements are different, and that’s why our expert team are always on hand to offer innovative and bespoke odour control solutions.

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Odour and Dust Control Equipment to Rent

Odour and Dust Control Equipment to Rent

Depending on which industry you work in, you will be well versed in the problems associated with adequately controlling dust or odour levels. This problem is present to anyone in the construction, quarrying, waste management, recycling, demolition and agricultural industries. To help better protect against the dangers of dust and the outright unpleasantness of industrial odours, we are able to offer dust control and odour control units for hire.

Mobile Atomiser Units and Fog Cannons Available to Rent

Odour and Dust are a serious threat to people’s health and well-being in industries such as construction, waste management, mining and recycling. We understand that clients do not wish to outright buy their own odour and dust control systems. It can be a big expense for something you may not need year-round.

By offering odour and dust control systems to rent, we are putting the power back into the hands of client. Our hire service will be tailored exactly to your needs, depending on the specific project you are working on.

Mobile Atomiser Units for Hire

Mobile Dust Control Systems for Hire

Our mobile atomiser units are the perfect option for many people across various sectors. Housed in a mobile, self-contained unit, atomiser systems are the perfect way to deal with Odour and Dust. They are easy to manoeuvre and can easily be moved from one end of a site to another.

This ease of use makes them a favourite for many clients, who see this is as not only a highly effective way to manage dust and odour problems, but an easier way to do so.

Fog Cannons for Hire

Dust Control Fog Cannon Hire
Fog Cannons

Ideal for the quarry, demolition and mining industries, it has proven a great success in helping to fight dust problems. The fog cannons we supply are made by Idrotech, one of the most renowned manufacturers in Europe, and is designed to produce maximum droplets through increased water flow.

Idrotech make several different fog cannons, each with their own unique advantages. These dust prevention systems act immediately to prevent dust from forming and dispersing in the surrounding area during demolition, mining, or excavation activities or when moving inert materials.

The pressurized water from the misting system (at pressures ranging from 60 to 120 atm) is released through nozzles directly into the areas where dust is being created, preventing its dispersal.

Why hire dust and odour control machinery?

Using state-of-the-art machinery, you can control the levels of dust and odour both in the air and across your work site. By controlling these aspects of a site, you are reducing the health risks to employees and increasing the longevity of costly on-site machinery.

Get in touch today and we can discuss the odour and dust suppression needs of your business and tailor a plan that suits you.