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Products for Odour Control

Our neutralising agent Neutrador with Fragrance or Pure Fragrance, eliminates odour problems using a spray system. Products are easily added to the liquid, to break down odour problems.

Odours from waste management facilities, wastewater treatment plants and composting areas are a major nuisance for operators and neighbours alike. In addition to facing regulations which continue to become more stringent, operators also face increased pressure due to complaints from neighbours and on-site workers, this often results in the temporary closure of plants. The elimination of atmospheric odours has become a major industrial objective.

Neutrador – neutralising droplets dosed into the waste stream or distributed via nozzle spray system. H2S, CH3 , SH , NH3.S02 + Alamask Neutrador /H2O → Oxidised/Odour Free Molecules Hydrogen sulphide, Methyl Mercaptan, Ammonia and Sulphur Dioxide are typical components of Neutrador molecules.

Fragranced Neutrador –  neutralising fragrance give a fresh smell over any remaining odours. Various fragrances like of Fresh linen, peach, lemon, cherry, deofresh. Several other fragrances can be offered on request.

Neutralising foam  – our foam agent injected with neutrador. The foam encapsulates the waste or odourous material allowing the neutrador to work on the odourous producing material.

Citrafresh Bitumen Odour – a neutralising product for the Bitumen industry. For more information please visit www.bitumenodour.com

Biogas Additives – offers maximum hygiene capabilities, can minimise potential disease problems, maximise production as well as extend the shelf life and quality of the end product. For more information please visit www.biogasadditives.co.uk

Biofilm Treatment – – OXYL-PRO is an environmentally friendly disinfectant agent that eliminates both organic and microbiologic contamination. OXYL-PRO oxidisation process destroys the DNA of the micro-organism so it can be effectively removed with no resistance. For more information please visit www.biofilmtreatment.co.uk

 We can supply in 25 ltr
drums or 1000 litre IBC


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