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Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

Working with Firetrace, we are now able to offer our fire suppression system. This is for large plant and machinery. Items of plant are not only expensive but invariably crucial for completing specific business critical tasks.

A fire in a machine can prove costly and leave you unable toeffectively operate whilst awaiting a replacement. In addition to the potential cost of repairing or replacing fire damaged plant there is also a risk to the surroundings. It is not unusual for plant to work within relatively confined surroundings or in close proximity to buildings.

The Firetrace® Solution

Firetrace® has a range of Automatic Fire Suppression Systems ideal for protecting all types of large plant and machinery.

The systems use our unique patented linear detection tubingwhich is installed throughout the risk area. This tubing can not only quickly and accurately detect a fire but also extinguish it before it can damage adjacent components.

The systems do not need complex electronic detectors or panels and operate simply using pneumatics. This alleviates the need for separate power supplies or battery backups and also makes the entire system fail safe with minimal moving parts.

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