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Odour and Dust Solutions specialise in manufacturing and providing high quality, cost-effective dust control solutions and are able to offer a range of products to meet all of your dust control needs. We supply dust control solutions and suppression systems across multiple industries, so you can be sure that we can handle your dust problems, no matter what industry you’re coming from.

The equipment and technology we provide is of the very best quality and is fully compliant with the most stringent of industry standards. We are able to provide a range of products to control dust, ranging from a number of different fog cannon systems, to atomisers, to more simple foam solutions.

With such a varied array of different systems and solutions available, we will advise you on the most appropriate dust control system for you, ensuring it fully fits both your needs and budget. We pride ourselves on the professional service provide to our clients and we continue to work hard to maintain our excellent reputation.

Dust Control Systems are a very important factor when it comes to meeting environmental and health requirements. Occupational diseases remain a big concern in industries like this and the presence of dust particles in the atmosphere and subsequent inhalation into the lungs have been known to cause respiratory diseases.


Odour and Dust Solutions provides a range of different systems and equipment to meet your dust control needs. All of the equipment we supply is tested to the highest standard and meets all necessary industry compliance standards. Our range of systems means we can fully meet whatever your dust control issues you may have.
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