Biosecurity Warning in Scotland After Confirmed Bird Flu Case

Biosecurity Warning in Scotland After Confirmed Bird Flu Case

In a response to the confirmed case of Bird Flu at a Scottish farm, the National Farmers Union Scotland released an online statement through their website calling for the “highest levels of biosecurity at this time.”

The case of Avian Influenza is thought to have been spread by wild birds and follows a case in England in December. That particular incident led to the culling of 27,000 chickens in order to prevent the disease from spreading any further.

With the authorities demanding greater of biosecurity, it’s crucial that you waste no time in making sure your own standards are up to scratch. We highly recommend utilising the state-of-the-art equipment now on offer to help protect against harmful substances and diseases.

Vehicle Biosecurity

There are many methods of biosecurity, some as simple as making sure areas housing livestock and poultry are thoroughly cleaned. This involves the use of disinfectant which will eliminate the disease, preventing it spreading any further.

It’s important that all equipment, machinery and vehicles are disinfected too. Moving from place to place, vehicles are an opportunity for bacteria and disease to spread from farm to farm with ease and over long distances.

Odour and Dust Solutions offers a unique product which will give you an added level of vehicle hygiene. Ordinary cleaning methods such as sprays and pressure-hoses are only able to clean the body of the vehicle, but fail to sanitise the undercarriage.

biosecurity for vehicles
Biosecurity machinery for vehicles

With our vehicle disinfectant and transport controls, you’ll be able to ensure the sanitisation of the underneath of any vehicles too. This will help to prevent the spread of disease and potentially save the lives of thousands of animals. It will also safeguard your business and the rest of the industry, too.

We have designed and produced an on-board vehicle disinfecting system, which is operated from inside the cab. The system is activated by a simple lever beside the driver’s seat. A large capacity reservoir connected to the air braking system, allows the vehicle driver to disinfect the wheels on entering and leaving the property, without leaving the cab or stopping the vehicle.

The system eliminates the delays presently experienced and ensures the effective soaking of vehicle wheels and arches without relying on dried out mats, buckets and sprayers which have been used previously in disease prevention. Foot spray jets are also incorporated on the cab steps.

To learn more about our Biosecurity systems for vehicles, get in touch on 01560 480822 or email on [email protected]

Good Biosecurity Practice

According to the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs, good biosecurity should be practised at all times and not just on occasions of disease outbreaks. They recommend taking prudent measures in the early stages of an outbreak in order to prevent or reduce its spread.

Biosecurity Guidance for Bird Keepers and Poultry Farmers

The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs recommends these steps for preventing the risk of disease spreading among birds:

  • The site for any poultry house should be carefully considered to reduce the risk of introducing disease to your flock
  • Large, modern commercial poultry houses and feed stores are considered good biosecurity, provided the birds are not let out
  • Wild fowl are the main source of avian influenza
  • Don’t situate poultry houses adjacent to bodies of water – Wild foul rarely travel up to 10km from a water source for food, so the further away the better, in order to avoid wild fowl mixing with poultry house
  • Don’t use a nearby water body as a source of water for cleaning out a house as there is possible presence of wildfowl and faeces



Dangers of Dust Inhalation

Dangers of Dust Inhalation

Dust inhalation is a real problem in the UK. No one should return home from work less healthy than when they left the house that morning. This should be a universally accepted truth. Unfortunately, there are people in many industries who are exposed to dust and other harmful materials and particles.

The recent #WorkRight Campaign launched by the Health and Safety Executive is centred around this issue. As part of their campaign, they will be carrying out surprise inspections on businesses to ensure measures are in place to minimise the risk of dust inhalation to workers.

So why exactly are the HSE taking such strong measures to tackle dust in the workplace?

Risks of Dust Inhalation

Regularly breathing construction dust can cause diseases like lung cancer, asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and silicosis. Construction workers have a high risk of developing these diseases because many common construction tasks can create high dust levels.

These diseases cause permanent disability and early death. Over 500 construction workers are believed to die from exposure to silica dust every year. As well as this, research carried out by the Health and Safety Executive estimates that there are 12,000 lung disease deaths every single year that can be attributed to past exposure to silica dust at work.

Obviously these figures are no joke and ought to be treated with real concern. This is why the HSE is  acting now, making it a priority to improve the situation. Odour and Dust Solutions are completely on board with the HSE’s new campaign. We believe the safety of workers and the protection of their health should be an employer’s number one priority.

No one should have to endure the ordeal of any respiratory diseases; being exposed to silica dust in your chosen career shouldn’t put you at risk.

Controlling Dust in the Workplace

Controlling dust is difficult but certainly not impossible. There are many great solutions on the market which are highly effective in controlling and suppressing workplace dust particles. There is also machinery that can actively monitor the dust levels in the air.

fog cannons to help prevent dust inhalation
Fog cannon

For example, we can offer a range of different methods to solve the issues plaguing your workplace. From fog cannons to nozzle and atomiser systems. These systems use moisture to attack the dust particles and prevent them from becoming airborne, which is where they are at their most dangerous. We understand the complexities and needs of each individual workplace, and can provide a bespoke solution for any scenario.

Monitoring Dust Levels in the Workplace

Recent developments in technology have allowed us to take the next step in the war against deadly atmospheric dust particles. New to the market, for instance, is the Trolex Air XD Real-Time Dust Monitor utilises lab-grade precision laser technology to continuously measure particulates of multiple sizes in harsh and hazardous environments.

Prevent dust inhalation with monitoring equipment

This means you can keep constant tabs on what the current dust levels are in your workplace. The Trolex Air XD is 5 times more accurate than the industry standard. This represents a massive shift in the fight against dust levels in the workplace.

Odour and Dust Solutions can supply all of the previously mentioned equipment and technology. Get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like a quote for any dust control, dust suppression or dust monitoring solutions for your workplace.

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Beat the cold weather with our brand new anti-ice kit

Beat the cold weather with our brand new anti-ice kit

Protect Your Misting System From Ice

  • Can be fitted to existing or new spray systems
  • Designed to automate the emptying process of spray lines during cold periods
  • When the temperature drops below the set value the emptying system is activated
  • Prevents the formation of ice in the system
  • Can be built for any size of unit

Treatment of Legionella in spray systems with Oxyl-Pro™

Treatment of Legionella in spray systems with Oxyl-Pro™

What is Legionella?

Legionella is a bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease. A pneumonia like illness and a milder flu-like illness known as Pontiac fever. (

Is your system at risk of Legionella?

If water is stored or recirculated as part of the system or the temperature at any part is between 20 – 45 degrees Celsius. Or if sludge, rust scale or organic matter deposits exist then they will support conditions for bacterial growth.

Does your system produce water droplets? If so are they droplets dispersed? Could visitors to your site be exposed to these droplets? If the answer to any these questions is yes then your system is at risk of Legionella. (


“Under general health and safety law, duty holders including employers or those in control of premises, must take suitable precautions to prevent or control the risk to legionella.

They also need to … assess sources of risk, manage those risks, prevent or control any risks, keep records and carry out any other legal duties.” (

Preventing or controlling the risk of Legionella

In order to prevent risk any spray should be controlled. Ensuring water does not stagnate. Keep pipe lengths as short as possible. Keep water and the system clean. This can be done by flushing out the system and treating with Oxyl-Pro™.

Avoid using materials within the system that support bacterial growth. Record keeping and monitoring the system is essential.

On site Testing

Odour and Dust Solutions can provide onsite Legionella test kits. The tests give a positive or negative result in 25 minutes. This is a simple test that you can carry out and provides evidence of results for record keeping.

Treatment with Oxyl-Pro™

Oxyl-Pro™ is stabilised hydrogen peroxide. Evidence has shown that Oxyl-Pro™ eliminates micro-organisms including Legionella, without risk of resistance. Oxyl-Pro™ also offers a disinfecting property and an effective bio-film treatment.

Oxyl-Pro™ safely breaks down to water and oxygen, therefore leaves no nasty chemical residue. Oxyl-Pro™ is tasteless and odourless.

Further benefits of Oxyl-Pro™ is that it can be dosed into your system manually or automatically. It does not contain silver. Doubt has been cast over the use of silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide.

Dust Suppression

Dust Suppression

How does foam dust suppression work?

The majority of dust in a typical quarry is created during the extraction and crushing process. Dependent upon the nature of the mineral, moisture content and particle sizes – the dust is released in to the environment during subsequent conveying, screening, stacking and loading operations.

In order to prevent dust particles from getting airborne Foam is introduced in controlled measures immediately prior to the crusher and directly in to the crushers. This ensures that all the material is fully coated in Foam.

As the mineral / aggregate is crushed – new faces are exposed and dust particles are released. These dust particles collide with the Foam bubbles piercing and thus releasing the moisture held therein. The result is that the dust particle becomes thoroughly wetted and its increased weight causes it to fall back on to the main body of the material. The wetted dust particles will then continue their entire journey through subsequent crushing, screening etc to the final storage bins without ever getting airborne.

To achieve effective dust suppression approximately 2 litres of solution converted to Foam is required per one tonne of material. ODS Foam has been developed to bind dust and floating parts. ODS Foam totally biologically degradable so it can be used on many applications.

Fog Cannons

The Rino is the new Fog maker machine from Idrotech to help in the fight against dust problems. Used in the quarry, demolition and mining industries it has proven to be a great success. Designed to maximise the water flow to produce maximum droplets.

The Rino is one of several models, Elefante and Giraffe help to compliment and offers an option of moving to larger units. All these units come wit low pressure or high pressure options, automatic running and oscillation. Electric controls are fitted in stainless steel cabinets giving quality at below market prices.

Petrol/Diesel Sprayers

We are now able to offer several pieces of equipment to assist in bring down dust droplets while demotion is in progress. We can offer a small petrol driven or 110v electric driven 18 inch fan unit. Easily connected on site and one person can remove at night to stop theft.

Our mobile atomiser where we can set at the crusher or near to the area of demolition. Ideal for asbestos fibres.

Environmental Protection Act 1990 Odour and Dust Solutions

Environmental Protection Act 1990 Odour and Dust Solutions

Smells produced from landfill sites, waste management site, waste water works and other industry sites are classed as nuisance by residents living within the vicinity. Once a resident has complaint to the local authority about this nuisance it then becomes the subject to inspection. And ongoing future inspection from time to time of the nuisance smell.

The above is true from site creating what is classed as nuisance dust. Sites including waste metal recycling, quarries, wood recycling and other industrial sites.

Where the local authority agree that a nuisance smell exists or is likely to happen again in the future then they will serve a notice. This notice will either restrict the nuisance smell or prohibit it from happening. This in turn may stop work on the landfill, waste management site, waste water works or other industry sites until measures are in place to deal with the odours. The legislation will normally specify a time scale for the notice to be adhered to and this can be a little as seven days.

“A person who commits an offence…on industrial, trade or business premises shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding £20,000.” (Environmental Protection Act 1990).

“It shall be a defence to prove that the best practice means were used to prevent, or to counteract the effects of, the nuisance.” (Environmental Protection Act 1990).

Odour and Dust Solutions could help prevent your company from facing unnecessary fines. Our range of mobile and fixed atomisers and use of our neutraliser or fragranced neutralisers offer fast and reliable solutions to these nuisance smells. And atomiser, nozzles and foam products to solve the dust issues. We offer the best prices within the industry for rental and purchase of our atomisers and neutralising products.

We have mobile atomisers that or on trailers and have water bowsers and can be moved around sites to tackle problem areas. The mini misting system is easily moved around site also and uses concentrated neutraliser. We also offer a bespoke solution with fixed system and nozzle lines for use on land fill edges or hopper machines.

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 also covers nuisance flies. The female fly lays around 180 eggs that within 3-4 will be adult flies capable of reproducing and the cycle starts over. Unless waste is treated for fly control at source then it will remain an issue at waste sites. We offer a range of fly control products including knock down products and products to treat at larvae stage.
If you require any further information please give us a call on 01560 480822 or email enquiries to [email protected]

Biogas Additive

Biogas Additive

Odour and Dust Solutions distributor on behalf of Agritech International Solutions

We offer innovative biogas additives to optimise your biogas production. Performance efficiency of the biogas plant depends on the biogas biology. Perfect fermentation process will lead to greatest yield. Our range of products include Agri Flex, Agri SOS, Agri Visco and Agri Combi.

 Agri Flex

This biogas additive uses trace elements for greater biogas formation. Improve yield by 30 percent with this custom made additive containing trace elements and micro nutrients. It offers major substrate savings, long term biological stability and easy application in biodegradable bags.

Agri SOS

This biogas additive stabilises and reduces acids within the fermenter. Its use will avoid a rapid collapse in biogas production and prevent the cost of restarting the plant. Again this comes in easily applicable biodegradable bags.

 Agri Visco

The Visco biogas additive optimises viscosity in fermenter. This select combination of enzymes reduces the viscosity of the substrate in the digester. Some raw materials contain high levels of carbohydrates, such as starch, protein and polymer fibres. These materials withhold the water, increasing viscosity therefore causing mixing and pumping issues. With use of Agri Visco there are cuts in energy consumption, easier mixing and pumping and better release of biogas.

 Agri Combi

The last of the biogas additives is an individual combination of trace element and enzymes to improve production. Low microbiological activity can threaten stable production and yield. It allows faster and more complete digestion of fibre rich substrate components while optimising the fermentation process. Reduces operating costs and improves methane yield and easy applied in biodegradable bags.

 Odour and Dust Products and Services include

 NEW Neutralising Foam

Used to treat anaerobic spillages. The foam is sprayed onto the spillage preventing the gas from rising. This allowing the neutraliser works on the unpleasant odour molecules converting them to an odourless state.

 NEW Emergency mobile atomisers

The smallest of our atomisers is used for atmospheric odour control. These units are easily transportable around sites and offer effective odour and dust control solutions.

 Mobile atomiser systems

Are the perfect way to deal with odour and dust problems indoor or outdoor.

 Static atomiser units

Can be fixed to existing frame works of the building and set above the working height.

 Fog Cannons

The Rino is the new fog maker from Idrotech to help fight dust problems.

Fly Products

Reduce fly numbers by focusing on both larvae and adult fly

 Legionella Testing

The Legionella Field Test™ is a breakthrough technology from hydrosense® for the rapid detection of Legionella pneumophila SG1 bacteria in water.

Dust Monitoring Solutions & Equipment

Dust Monitoring Solutions & Equipment

Dust Monitoring

Dust monitoring is the first step in the control of workplace dust. Do you monitor for dust, do you control dust. Odour and Dust Solutions can now offer their selection of dust monitoring equipment in conjunction with Turnkey Instruments.

Sample of Equipment

The Dustmate is our Hand Held Portable monitor ideal for short term sampling. Highly effective for monitoring air quality within buildings and clean rooms. It can be used via a battery pack but can also be powered via the mains lead. The Dustmate can also be used outdoors weather permitting as a roadside indicator to identify high pollution vehicles.

The Osiris is a portable/fixed monitor which can be used to study short or long term hotspots. Powered by either mains or its internal battery, the Osiris can be used effectively to determine exedance areas.

The Topas is a fixed station monitor intended for long term installation. Several sites can be networked together using modems and are controlled by a central PC to form a city wide monitoring system.

Solutions for Dust

Once you have established if you require to control any issues then Odour and Dust Solutions will be able to advise you on the best way to bring you back into the working regulation levels.

Waste transfer stations, quarries, mines or construction sites all produce a certain amount of dust as they say prevention is better than cure but this is only possible once you understand to what level of exposure you have.

The use of extraction systems can be good at point source but do have drawbacks and you still have they system creating dust. Suppression system are good for external areas where you ban atomise droplets to bring down or hold down dust particles. Every situation may require a different plan of attack to reduce any issues.

Odour and Dust Solutions can now offer the first step of monitoring for the dust problem, once the levels are established, a solution can be applied if it is required.

Idrotech Odour and Dust control from Europe

Idrotech Odour and Dust control from Europe

Idrotech Odour and Dust Control

Odour and Dust Solutions have pleased to be able to offer quality new equipment for dust control from our partners in Italy. Idrotech now supply Odour and Dust Solutions with their fog cannons for dust control.

We can offer an option on our fog cannons for dust in the quarries or for supressing dust on a demolition site, The choice of our Rino and Elefante models with low and high pressure options make it the ideal unit for low water usage sites. These units can be built on road or site trailers, if it a permanent site then they can be supplied and fitted on a long term basis.

These dust control units can be purchased or if you have short term dust problem Odour and Dust Solutions will hire the unit to the customer.

Odour control systems now supplied from Idrotech also include high pressure nozzle systems to fit all industries. From sanitization units for chicken farms to boundary odour control systems for landfills. All the equipment supplied by Odour and Dust Solutions is of the highest quality with short installation times.

With the new systems, Odour and Dust Solutions can now increase the fields where dust control issues may arise and where odour control problems upset the members of public.

If you require a bespoke odour or dust suppression system then the technical managers at Odour and Dust Solutions are on hand to speak to you, come to site and advise you on what will be the most suitable system.

Idrotech have been working alongside Odour and Dust Solutions for several years now and have built a relationship and trust to allow Odour and Dust Solutions to supply their equipment in the UK. If you have a an existing system in place in need of repair then Odour and Dust Solutions can use the Idrotech systems to rebuild and repair any damage.

Odour and dust control to make your business better

Odour and dust control to make your business better

Emissions of odour and dust can damage the reputation of your business and lead to unhappy staff and neighbours. It can also get you into trouble with pollution control agencies. If your business gives rise to odour or dust, Odour and Dust Solutions offer you standard or bespoke systems to manage any problems that arise. We operate across the UK to ensure your operations keep the dust down and any odour is contained and eliminated. We can even add fragrance to improve the working environment. While the waste and recycling industry is our speciality, we can service any site. Below we summarise the solutions we provide in static and mobile odour and dust control.

Odour control for any site in the UK

Many businesses give rise to unpleasant odours. Whether you run a landfill operation, wastewater plant, recycling facility, compost plant or an odour producing industrial process, we have a solution to suit you. We have can provide static or mobile odour control using a standard atomiser or a system designed for your operation. Following a site survey we can provide you with the correct kit.

Static atomisers are ideal for odour control in recycling or composting sheds. We provide the size of unit suitable for your operation, and these can be fitted to the existing building structure. Height and flow rate will be adjusted according to the odour problem being tackled. As the distributor of Idrotech high pressure nozzle systems we ensure the correct amount of droplets at the right pressure are directed at your odour source. Control panels can be fitted wherever convenient for your operators.

For mobile odour control, our units can be deployed anywhere, run on the mains or powered by their own diesel engine. The bowser holds enough fluid to run for 8 – 24 hours – depending on spray rate – without needing a refill.

Whether you need a static or mobile odour control system neutralising products are added to the liquid to ensure your operations are odour free. We use Neutrador, a non toxic and biodegradable odour neutraliser which can even be supplied in a choice of three citrus fragrances.

Dust suppression on site

As well as causing annoyance and dirty deposits dust can cause damage. Effective dust control protects your expensive equipment and any onsite electronics, the health of employees and keeps visibility clear on access routes and nearby roads. Therefore it essential you make sure dust from your operations is controlled – and Odour and Dust Control are here to help.

Dust control for any site in the UK

Whatever the source of your dust – we can provide a dust suppression solution for you. Our standard or bespoke systems can be used for quarry dust control, demolition sites, wood shredding or waste operations and any site where soil erosion is giving rise to dust. Fog canons are ideal for quarries, demolition, waste and wood shredding sites. As the UK agents for Idrotech fog cannons we can provide a dust suppression system for any situation. For example, the Elefante is the ideal kit for suppressing quarry dust as it can shoot billions of liquid droplets up to 60 metres high and give all round coverage by rotating 360o. For demolition sites, we have mobile atomisers ideal for positioning on site to bring dust down out of the air. These units can be run on electricity or petrol/diesel and handled by just one worker – for easy and economic operation, as well as removal from site at night to prevent theft. For larger jobs the Idrotech Rino provides a heavier duty spray reaching a longer distance.

To help prevent dust getting into the air we also provide dust control products. Foam can be added to shredders to prevent dust getting airborne – and use of foam reduces water consumption. Also, dust seal can be added to sprays to keep road and stockpile dust down for longer.

Odour and Dust Solutions dust and odour control systems can be supplied UK wide to help you avoid complaints, keep equipment clean and employees contented. Whether you are looking for quarry dust control, odour control for a recycling site or odour and dust suppression for your waste facility. Get in touch now to find out how we can help.