Best Odour Control Systems

Best Odour Control Systems

Selecting the best odour control systems for your business can be a tough task. There’s a lot to consider: the size of the area you’re working with, the types of problems you need resolved, the impact on staff.

So, what is the best odour control system?

Tough question. It really depends on which industry you are working in. For example: if you’re looking to control odours at a chemical manufacturing plant, you will need a different solution than at a landfill.

Depending on your industry and your needs, some will need permanent solutions, while others only temporary.

Modern  hydraulic disposer empties a complete trailer, while bulldozer manages landfill.
A landfill will require a different solution to a construction site

The construction industry, which moves from place to place, would benefit more from temporary odour control equipment. Whereas a landfill – which isn’t going anywhere – needs something permanent.

What do Odour Control Systems do?

An effective odour control system will neutralise odours in industrial areas such as landfills, waste and water treatment sites, recycling plans and areas where chemicals are being used.

This is a necessary undertaking, as industrial odours can seriously affect the health, well-being and morale of workers and of the public.

By neutralising harmful and unpleasant industrial odours, we can create a more hygienic work environment. This will improve the likelihood of a healthier and happier workforce.

Industrial odours can create a huge problem for people living nearby, therefore it’s best to keep them in check to avoid any unwanted problems.

Maintaining effective industrial odour control solutions will decrease the chances of your business receiving complaints from local residents. Consequently, these complaints can lead to local government intervention.

Plasma Systems for Odour Control

Plasma systems are placed directly into the ventilation canopy

Our plasma systems utilise highly-effective disinfectants and odour neutralisers.

The system will release disinfectant directly into the kitchen ventilation canopy. Here, it will immediately begin to eliminate cooking odours, grease and smoke.

This system is simple to install and requires very little maintenance or additional running costs.

Nozzle Systems for Odour Control

We can install nozzle systems indoors or out. Nozzle systems are adjustable and made to measure. This allows us to ensure the system is pumping a sufficient amount of odour neutralising droplets into the atmosphere.

The systems are perfect for outdoor boundary control on both landfills and waste treatment plants. The systems come with control panels and filters which we can fit in the most convenient location for you.

Mobile Atomiser Systems for Odour Control

Mobile atomiser systems are self-contained units. They feature pressure pumps, atomisers, fan casings and electrical controls.

Mobile atomiser odour control system
Mobile atomiser odour control system

Powered by high-quality diesel generators, these units are very mobile, without losing any functionality. The mobile atomiser tank holds 1100 litres, allowing the machine to run from 8-24 hours spraying without refill.

Indeed, atomiser systems are an excellent way to control industrial odours and are also available as static units. We can fix static atomiser systems to existing building frames to control industrial odours.

Odour Control Solutions

At ODS, we supply both temporary and permanent odour control solutions. Because of this, our client base spans a range of industries, from construction to quarrying, to recycling and waste management.

We can advise on the best solution for your particular industry and specific business model. Hence, everyone’s requirements are different, and that’s why our expert team are always on hand to offer innovative and bespoke odour control solutions.

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Why is Industrial Odour Control Important?

Why is Industrial Odour Control Important?

Industrial odour control is incredibly important. Whether you’re in waste management, recycling, agriculture or the landfill industry, you need to get industrial odours under control.

Industrial odours are emitted by a number of things. Animals, chemicals, waste and general decay are all leading causes. These come as the result of a variety of differing industrial processes.

Industrial odour can also vary depending on environment and climate. Hot and humid environments can often exacerbate issues. Windy areas will see odours spread more easily, too.

But what do you know about the negative impacts of industrial odours?

Why is it so important we get industrial odour under control?

Problems that can arise without industrial odour control

The main reason to get odours under control is the smell. No one wants to be around a bad stink all day long. It’s demoralising and will make people feel sick.

For your operators, it’s going to be difficult to ensure a happy workforce in such an environment. Attracting new staff or investment won’t be easy either.

This is not only important to staff and people working around whatever is causing the stench, but also for the general public and local population.

It can lead to bigger problems than just a few screwed up faces though.

Industrial Odour Control in landfills
Modern hydraulic disposer empties a complete trailer, while bulldozer manages landfill.

If you fail to control the smell being caused by your business, complaints from locals won’t be far away. This could lead to negative media coverage and local government stepping in.

This could destroy your company’s reputation and result in loss or even closure of business and eventually financial ruin.

The government is continuously coming down harder and harder on pollution too. Industrial producers of odour are not exempt from these regulations. You could be reprimanded and face fines and other punishments if you do not maintain a healthy and clean workplace.

How can we help fight industrial odour?

We offer a number of odour control solutions suited to many different industry types. Depending on your needs, we can develop a bespoke solution for you.

Using state-of-the-art technology we can neutralise odours in industrial areas. Our experts can advise you on the best solutions to your problems and provide systems that meet your requirements, while maintaining a fresh and hygienic environment.

As well as providing nozzle and atomiser systems to spray and neutralise industrial areas, we also supply a unique neutralising agent. This formula is mixed with water and will actively break down odour-causing molecules in the atmosphere.

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MaxVac Dust Management Equipment

MaxVac Dust Management Equipment

MaxVac Dust Management Equipment

GREAT NEWS! Through our sister company – Dust Management Equipment – we are now making MaxVac’s extensive range of dust extraction and industrial cleaning equipment available to buy or rent directly from their online store.

Founded in Switzerland, MaxVac manufacters some of the best dust management equipment in the industry.

Their dust management equipment provides maximum performance in the fight against dust in industrial settings. In addition, MaxVac’s machines can also be used in public settings.

Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Similarly, MaxVac also offers city cleaning solutions for outdoor use. These machines clean streets and remove litter from hard and soft surfaces. In addition they can be used in tight corners and around street furniture.

For example, MaxVac’s have designed their all new MV2000 Vanguard Urban Waste Vacuum Machine based on 20 years of customer feedback.

MaxVac MV2000 Vanguard Dust Extraction

It’s safer and more efficient than previous models. State of the art computers control the motors and automatic 3 speed suction power. There are self-cleaning air filters – with HEPA 14 option – and a silent on-board pressure washer sets this machine apart from its competition.

To maintain a clean and healthy environment this type of machinery is a great way to go. With such a diverse range of machines, you’ll find something for your needs.

HSE Dust Campaign

Health and Safety Executive WorkRight campaign dust control

You NEED to control dust in warehouses, manufacturing plants, construction sites and public buildings.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) outlined how tough they would be getting on companies who don’t adequately deal with dust at the beginning of the year.

However, we are still finding that too few companies are taking it seriously.

The health risks of dust inhalation are HUGE. It can even be deadly.  

For instance, researches have shown that there are 12,000 lung disease deaths per year linked to past exposure of harmful substances breathed in at work.

Shop MaxVac Dust Management Industrial Cleaning Equipment on the Dust Management Equipment website.

In conclusion, we believe in the environmental & ecological cleaning solutions MaxVac manufacture. The machinery on offer is the best in the business.

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Protecting Against COVID with UVC Light in Airports

Protecting Against COVID with UVC Light in Airports

UVC Light in Airports

The COVID19 pandemic is not over yet. Lockdown measures are beginning to ease though. Some of the top airlines have even said they’ll be back operational by July, albeit not at 100% capacity. This comes with many risks though. No one wants a second wave of COVID19. Because of this, it’s crucial that we make air travel as safe as possible until there is a vaccine for the coronavirus. UVC light is already being used in airports to reduce the spread of the virus from person to person and country to country. Here are the top uses for UVC Light in airports:

UVC Light for Baggage Disinfection

Until COVID19, no one ever really considered that they might be able to spread a virus from their clothes or luggage. Our eyes have been opened though, and we now know that there is a risk of COVID19 spreading via suitcases.

This is especially concerning when you consider that air travel makes it possible for the virus to spread from one country to another. If appropriate measures are not taken to disinfect luggage, we could see ourselves right back to square one.

Airports in China, Italy and the U.S are already pioneering baggage disinfectant machines that use UVC Light to destroy the virus. This works by putting your bag through a machine – much like you would at security – and the machine blasts the bag with UVC Light. This will not damage your bag, but it will break up the virus’ DNA and disinfect your luggage.

Disinfecting Trolleys with UVC Light 

We’ve all been on big family holidays where we have too many bags to carry ourselves. The first thing we do is grab a trolley, to make getting from baggage claim to our transportation more manageable. But every person that uses that trolley could potentially be spreading the virus.

Supermarket UVC Light
UVC light being used to disinfect shopping trolleys

To prevent this from happening, special housing units for trolleys have been developed which use UVC light to disinfect them while they’re not in use. Similar equipment can be used in supermarkets to protect shoppers from COVID19.

Disinfecting Floors with UVC Light in Airports

Just as is being used in shopping malls and hospital wards across the world now, automated machines moving across large areas and disinfecting floors as they go. This innovative solution will help to kill the virus on floors, and prevent people spreading via their shoes.

Seeing these robots in action will likely become normal to us as the fight against the virus continues.

Gates and Other Enclosed Rooms

UVC lamps can be employed in enclosed spaces around airports. This can include gates, shops and restaurants. UVC lights can be turned on overnight when there is no one around, and the light will disinfect the area and air from COVID19.

UVC Light in hospital
UVC light disinfecting a hospital ward

It’s important to remember that UVC light is dangerous for humans, and will burn skin. For this reason, it can only be used when no one is present.

UVC light kills coronavirus and is going to be crucial if we are to get back to our normal lives.

Odour and Dust Solutions can supply UVC technology to airports and other industries looking to create a safe environment for staff, clients, guests and anyone else.

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UVC Light in Airports 

How to disinfect office spaces | Coronavirus – COVID-19

How to disinfect office spaces | Coronavirus – COVID-19

Just like you, we’re focused on trying to get back to work after the COVID-19 pandemic and find some sense of normality again. This needs to be done in a manner that is safe for employees and will help stop the spread of the coronavirus in the workplace. The question on everyone’s mind is how can we disinfect office spaces and make sure they are safe to return to, day after day? One method we are going to be using is UVC light.

What is UVC Light?

UVC Light in hospital
UVC light disinfecting a hospital ward

Just live UVA and UVB light, which anyone who enjoys a summer tan will have heard of, UVC is a form of ultraviolet light. UVC is just a different form of UV light, still on the same spectrum, but operating at a different wavelength. The beauty of UVC light is that it can be used to kill bacteria and has been used as a method of disinfection for many years.

How does UVC light kill Coronavirus?

It works by entering into the cell nucleus of the virus and altering both its DNA and RNA. Once this happens, the virus cells are no longer capable of multiplying, and therefore cannot survive or spread. UVC light has been used to sterilise and disinfect hospital wards, medical instruments and more for decades. Now, it’s going to be vital during the COVID-19 pandemic as we look to disinfect office areas.

How can I disinfect office spaces?

UVC lamp to disinfect office

The best way to disinfect your workplace of COVID-19 is through the use of UVC light. The process works by installing the lights in offices, classrooms, hospital wards and other enclosed spaces. By doing this, the powerful UVC light will kill the COVID-19 virus on surfaces and in the air.

The best way to do this is by leaving the lights on overnight – or whenever there are no people around. This is important as UVC light is harmful to humans. If our skin comes into contact with UVC light it will burn and potentially cause lasting damage.

Once the lights have been left on for a set period of time, staff can enter a clean and sanitised workplace the following day.

Is UVC light being used against Coronavirus?

Yes! UVC light is already being utilised in many industries to kill the coronavirus. In China especially, they have been using it in hospitals and to disinfect vehicles for public transport. Airports in Italy and the USA are also using the technology to disinfect floors and make sure passenger’s baggage is free of virus bacteria before traveling.

Can I get UVC lights for my office?

If you’d like to enquire about UVC lights and how they can be used in your office, please get in touch and we’d be happy to tell you more. We can supply UVC lights for all settings and industries. If we’re going to get back to work after COVID-19, UVC light is the way to do it.

Odour and Dust Solutions provides UVC Lights and want to help the UK economy get back to work. To do this, it is crucial that we disinfect office buildings for staff to return safely.

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UVC Light and Coronavirus

UVC Light and Coronavirus

Is UVC Light the Answer to the COVID-19 Crisis?

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and still many months away from a vaccine, we need to start looking at ways to get back to some type of normality. This return to work, school and socialising needs to be done safely. This will mean preventative measures and a lot of precautions to halt the spread of COVID-19. One highly promising technology being used to kill the virus in classrooms, buildings, vehicles and other enclosed spaces is UVC Light. But what is UVC light and does UVC light kill coronavirus?

What Is UVC Light?

UVC Light in hospital
UVC light disinfecting a hospital ward

UVC Light is a form of ultraviolet light, on the UV spectrum, that will kill bacteria that is exposed to it. Just as there is UVA, and UVB light – which people will be familiar with if they’ve ever used sun protection – UVC is on the same spectrum, only with a different wavelength. This short-wave UV light includes germicidal ultraviolet, which is used for air, surface and water disinfection.

It works by entering into the virus’ cell nucleus and altering its DNA and RNA. By doing this, the cell is no longer able to multiply or survive, killing the virus and disinfecting surfaces. This method has been used for decades to disinfect instruments and hospital rooms, and is going to be crucial in the fight against COVID-19.

Supermarket UVC Light
UVC light being used to disinfect shopping trolleys

Is UVC Light Safe for Humans?

With UVC light’s effectiveness at killing bacteria and viruses, many people will be concerned about whether UVC light is safe for humans. As you may expect from something that can kill viruses and bacteria, it is not safe for humans.

This means that all uses of UVC light must take place inside enclosed spaces that have been adapted to protect humans. If UVC light comes into contact with human skin, it will burn and cause serious skin damage. This is why disinfection of offices, hospital wards, buses etc all take place overnight, when no one is around.

Can UVC Light Kill COVID19?

UVC Light disinfecting bus China
Bus being disinfected by UVC light in China

While COVID-19 is a new type of coronavirus which hasn’t been seen before, it is still susceptible to UVC Light and can be disinfected using UVC light. Chinese officials have been using UVC light in many different settings in order to kill the coronavirus.

In Wuhan, hospitals are using UVC light to disinfect wards, and the technology is also being used to disinfect medical staff’s clothing and instruments. Chinese banks use the lights to disinfect cash, Chinese bus companies are using them to disinfect their vehicles. The potential uses for UVC in the fight against COVID-19 are endless.

Supermarkets can use them to disinfect trolleys. Schools can use the lights to disinfect classrooms. Offices can be disinfected overnight to ensure staff are returning to a safe working environment every day.

UVC Light Scotland

UVC Light can be used to kill Coronavirus and is capable of killing the virus on surfaces and in the air.

To discuss the potential uses of UVC lights for your business, whether it’s for an office, in vehicles, for supermarkets, restaurants or any industry where you’ll need to disinfect items or areas: get in touch.

Odour and Dust Solutions provides UVC Lights and want to help the UK economy get back to work. To do this, it needs to be safe for the workforce. UVC light is the answer.

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Odour and Dust Control Equipment to Rent

Odour and Dust Control Equipment to Rent

Depending on which industry you work in, you will be well versed in the problems associated with adequately controlling dust or odour levels. This problem is present to anyone in the construction, quarrying, waste management, recycling, demolition and agricultural industries. To help better protect against the dangers of dust and the outright unpleasantness of industrial odours, we are able to offer dust control and odour control units for hire.

Mobile Atomiser Units and Fog Cannons Available to Rent

Odour and Dust are a serious threat to people’s health and well-being in industries such as construction, waste management, mining and recycling. We understand that clients do not wish to outright buy their own odour and dust control systems. It can be a big expense for something you may not need year-round.

By offering odour and dust control systems to rent, we are putting the power back into the hands of client. Our hire service will be tailored exactly to your needs, depending on the specific project you are working on.

Mobile Atomiser Units for Hire

Mobile Dust Control Systems for Hire

Our mobile atomiser units are the perfect option for many people across various sectors. Housed in a mobile, self-contained unit, atomiser systems are the perfect way to deal with Odour and Dust. They are easy to manoeuvre and can easily be moved from one end of a site to another.

This ease of use makes them a favourite for many clients, who see this is as not only a highly effective way to manage dust and odour problems, but an easier way to do so.

Fog Cannons for Hire

Dust Control Fog Cannon Hire
Fog Cannons

Ideal for the quarry, demolition and mining industries, it has proven a great success in helping to fight dust problems. The fog cannons we supply are made by Idrotech, one of the most renowned manufacturers in Europe, and is designed to produce maximum droplets through increased water flow.

Idrotech make several different fog cannons, each with their own unique advantages. These dust prevention systems act immediately to prevent dust from forming and dispersing in the surrounding area during demolition, mining, or excavation activities or when moving inert materials.

The pressurized water from the misting system (at pressures ranging from 60 to 120 atm) is released through nozzles directly into the areas where dust is being created, preventing its dispersal.

Why hire dust and odour control machinery?

Using state-of-the-art machinery, you can control the levels of dust and odour both in the air and across your work site. By controlling these aspects of a site, you are reducing the health risks to employees and increasing the longevity of costly on-site machinery.

Get in touch today and we can discuss the odour and dust suppression needs of your business and tailor a plan that suits you.

Biosecurity Warning in Scotland After Confirmed Bird Flu Case

Biosecurity Warning in Scotland After Confirmed Bird Flu Case

In a response to the confirmed case of Bird Flu at a Scottish farm, the National Farmers Union Scotland released an online statement through their website calling for the “highest levels of biosecurity at this time.”

The case of Avian Influenza is thought to have been spread by wild birds and follows a case in England in December. That particular incident led to the culling of 27,000 chickens in order to prevent the disease from spreading any further.

With the authorities demanding greater of biosecurity, it’s crucial that you waste no time in making sure your own standards are up to scratch. We highly recommend utilising the state-of-the-art equipment now on offer to help protect against harmful substances and diseases.

Vehicle Biosecurity

There are many methods of biosecurity, some as simple as making sure areas housing livestock and poultry are thoroughly cleaned. This involves the use of disinfectant which will eliminate the disease, preventing it spreading any further.

It’s important that all equipment, machinery and vehicles are disinfected too. Moving from place to place, vehicles are an opportunity for bacteria and disease to spread from farm to farm with ease and over long distances.

Odour and Dust Solutions offers a unique product which will give you an added level of vehicle hygiene. Ordinary cleaning methods such as sprays and pressure-hoses are only able to clean the body of the vehicle, but fail to sanitise the undercarriage.

biosecurity for vehicles
Biosecurity machinery for vehicles

With our vehicle disinfectant and transport controls, you’ll be able to ensure the sanitisation of the underneath of any vehicles too. This will help to prevent the spread of disease and potentially save the lives of thousands of animals. It will also safeguard your business and the rest of the industry, too.

We have designed and produced an on-board vehicle disinfecting system, which is operated from inside the cab. The system is activated by a simple lever beside the driver’s seat. A large capacity reservoir connected to the air braking system, allows the vehicle driver to disinfect the wheels on entering and leaving the property, without leaving the cab or stopping the vehicle.

The system eliminates the delays presently experienced and ensures the effective soaking of vehicle wheels and arches without relying on dried out mats, buckets and sprayers which have been used previously in disease prevention. Foot spray jets are also incorporated on the cab steps.

To learn more about our Biosecurity systems for vehicles, get in touch on 01560 480822 or email on [email protected]

Good Biosecurity Practice

According to the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs, good biosecurity should be practised at all times and not just on occasions of disease outbreaks. They recommend taking prudent measures in the early stages of an outbreak in order to prevent or reduce its spread.

Biosecurity Guidance for Bird Keepers and Poultry Farmers

The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs recommends these steps for preventing the risk of disease spreading among birds:

  • The site for any poultry house should be carefully considered to reduce the risk of introducing disease to your flock
  • Large, modern commercial poultry houses and feed stores are considered good biosecurity, provided the birds are not let out
  • Wild fowl are the main source of avian influenza
  • Don’t situate poultry houses adjacent to bodies of water – Wild foul rarely travel up to 10km from a water source for food, so the further away the better, in order to avoid wild fowl mixing with poultry house
  • Don’t use a nearby water body as a source of water for cleaning out a house as there is possible presence of wildfowl and faeces



Dangers of Dust Inhalation

Dangers of Dust Inhalation

Dust inhalation is a real problem in the UK. No one should return home from work less healthy than when they left the house that morning. This should be a universally accepted truth. Unfortunately, there are people in many industries who are exposed to dust and other harmful materials and particles.

The recent #WorkRight Campaign launched by the Health and Safety Executive is centred around this issue. As part of their campaign, they will be carrying out surprise inspections on businesses to ensure measures are in place to minimise the risk of dust inhalation to workers.

So why exactly are the HSE taking such strong measures to tackle dust in the workplace?

Risks of Dust Inhalation

Regularly breathing construction dust can cause diseases like lung cancer, asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and silicosis. Construction workers have a high risk of developing these diseases because many common construction tasks can create high dust levels.

These diseases cause permanent disability and early death. Over 500 construction workers are believed to die from exposure to silica dust every year. As well as this, research carried out by the Health and Safety Executive estimates that there are 12,000 lung disease deaths every single year that can be attributed to past exposure to silica dust at work.

Obviously these figures are no joke and ought to be treated with real concern. This is why the HSE is  acting now, making it a priority to improve the situation. Odour and Dust Solutions are completely on board with the HSE’s new campaign. We believe the safety of workers and the protection of their health should be an employer’s number one priority.

No one should have to endure the ordeal of any respiratory diseases; being exposed to silica dust in your chosen career shouldn’t put you at risk.

Controlling Dust in the Workplace

Controlling dust is difficult but certainly not impossible. There are many great solutions on the market which are highly effective in controlling and suppressing workplace dust particles. There is also machinery that can actively monitor the dust levels in the air.

fog cannons to help prevent dust inhalation
Fog cannon

For example, we can offer a range of different methods to solve the issues plaguing your workplace. From fog cannons to nozzle and atomiser systems. These systems use moisture to attack the dust particles and prevent them from becoming airborne, which is where they are at their most dangerous. We understand the complexities and needs of each individual workplace, and can provide a bespoke solution for any scenario.

Monitoring Dust Levels in the Workplace

Recent developments in technology have allowed us to take the next step in the war against deadly atmospheric dust particles. New to the market, for instance, is the Trolex Air XD Real-Time Dust Monitor utilises lab-grade precision laser technology to continuously measure particulates of multiple sizes in harsh and hazardous environments.

Prevent dust inhalation with monitoring equipment

This means you can keep constant tabs on what the current dust levels are in your workplace. The Trolex Air XD is 5 times more accurate than the industry standard. This represents a massive shift in the fight against dust levels in the workplace.

Odour and Dust Solutions can supply all of the previously mentioned equipment and technology. Get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like a quote for any dust control, dust suppression or dust monitoring solutions for your workplace.

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Health and Safety Executive #WorkRight Campaign Focusing on Dust

Health and Safety Executive #WorkRight Campaign Focusing on Dust

Health and Safety Executive Dust Inspections

Health and Safety Executive WorkRight campaign dust control

The Health and Safety Executive has announced that the current focus of their #WorkRight campaign is dust. Odour and Dust Solutions are fully aware of the problems that people can face due to exposure to harmful levels of dust, and fully support this campaign.

Firstly, inspectors from the HSE will be visiting construction sites, woodworking factories, food manufacturing plants, recycling plants, quarries and more to carry out surprise inspections. These inspections will be searching for evidence that people in charge and staff are aware of and have systems in place in order to keep exposure to dust down.

Health Risks of Dust in the Workplace

A big part of the campaign being undertaken by the HSE is making sure everyone is aware of the risks that dust can pose to those exposed. According to recent research, for example, there are 12,000 lung disease deaths per year linked to past exposure of harmful substances breathed in at work.

These numbers are astonishing. On the other hand, they’re preventable. With the correct dust control and dust suppression systems in place, these numbers can be reduced. The HSE want to raise awareness of just how dangerous dust inhalation can be. Workers in all the industries mentioned should understand the risks associated with carrying out their jobs. This is especially true in industries that create a lot of dust. People should know to plan the job from start to finish and use the right controls to protect their lungs.

Employers have a legal duty to protect their workers, so everyone can go home healthy and not suffer any consequences years down the line. In order to do this, employers need to adopt systems that will help to keep dust levels in the workplace at healthy levels.

Dust Monitoring and Dust Suppression Systems

Fog cannon

Odour and Dust Solutions offer a range of different methods that can monitor and reduce dust levels in the workplace. From fog cannons to nozzle and atomiser systems, we have an arsenal of machinery to help keep dust well and truly suppressed in the workplace.

As well as this, we make use of state-of-the-art dust monitoring equipment . This equipment can monitor – in real time – the atmospheric levels of dust in the air. This technology is simple, portable and can be used across a variety of different industries. We recommend using Trolex, as it gives you great feedback and is incredibly accurate.

Taking a proactive approach to these issues is certainly the way to go. By operating in this manner, you will be able to keep levels of harmful airborne dust particles down. This will improve the health and safety of your workers.

Dust & Asbestos Awareness Courses

Odour and Dust Solutions are leading the way in the fight against dangerous atmospheric particles. In 2020, we will be running new training and awareness courses.

These awareness courses will be related to dust, asbestos and bio-aerosols. These courses will focus on everything you need to know about workplace particles.

We will be delivering these courses UK wide and to businesses from many different industry sectors.

For more information on our systems or awareness courses, get in touch:

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