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MaxVac Dust Management Equipment

MaxVac Dust Management Equipment

GREAT NEWS! Through our sister company – Dust Management Equipment – we are now making MaxVac’s extensive range of dust extraction and industrial cleaning equipment available to buy or rent directly from their online store.

Founded in Switzerland, MaxVac manufacters some of the best dust management equipment in the industry.

Their dust management equipment provides maximum performance in the fight against dust in industrial settings. In addition, MaxVac’s machines can also be used in public settings.

Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Similarly, MaxVac also offers city cleaning solutions for outdoor use. These machines clean streets and remove litter from hard and soft surfaces. In addition they can be used in tight corners and around street furniture.

For example, MaxVac’s have designed their all new MV2000 Vanguard Urban Waste Vacuum Machine based on 20 years of customer feedback.

MaxVac MV2000 Vanguard Dust Extraction

It’s safer and more efficient than previous models. State of the art computers control the motors and automatic 3 speed suction power. There are self-cleaning air filters – with HEPA 14 option – and a silent on-board pressure washer sets this machine apart from its competition.

To maintain a clean and healthy environment this type of machinery is a great way to go. With such a diverse range of machines, you’ll find something for your needs.

HSE Dust Campaign

Health and Safety Executive WorkRight campaign dust control

You NEED to control dust in warehouses, manufacturing plants, construction sites and public buildings.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) outlined how tough they would be getting on companies who don’t adequately deal with dust at the beginning of the year.

However, we are still finding that too few companies are taking it seriously.

The health risks of dust inhalation are HUGE. It can even be deadly.  

For instance, researches have shown that there are 12,000 lung disease deaths per year linked to past exposure of harmful substances breathed in at work.

Shop MaxVac Dust Management Industrial Cleaning Equipment on the Dust Management Equipment website.

In conclusion, we believe in the environmental & ecological cleaning solutions MaxVac manufacture. The machinery on offer is the best in the business.

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