trolleys being disinfected by uvc light in airports

Protecting Against COVID with UVC Light in Airports

UVC Light in Airports

The COVID19 pandemic is not over yet. Lockdown measures are beginning to ease though. Some of the top airlines have even said they’ll be back operational by July, albeit not at 100% capacity. This comes with many risks though. No one wants a second wave of COVID19. Because of this, it’s crucial that we make air travel as safe as possible until there is a vaccine for the coronavirus. UVC light is already being used in airports to reduce the spread of the virus from person to person and country to country. Here are the top uses for UVC Light in airports:

UVC Light for Baggage Disinfection

Until COVID19, no one ever really considered that they might be able to spread a virus from their clothes or luggage. Our eyes have been opened though, and we now know that there is a risk of COVID19 spreading via suitcases.

This is especially concerning when you consider that air travel makes it possible for the virus to spread from one country to another. If appropriate measures are not taken to disinfect luggage, we could see ourselves right back to square one.

Airports in China, Italy and the U.S are already pioneering baggage disinfectant machines that use UVC Light to destroy the virus. This works by putting your bag through a machine – much like you would at security – and the machine blasts the bag with UVC Light. This will not damage your bag, but it will break up the virus’ DNA and disinfect your luggage.

Disinfecting Trolleys with UVC Light 

We’ve all been on big family holidays where we have too many bags to carry ourselves. The first thing we do is grab a trolley, to make getting from baggage claim to our transportation more manageable. But every person that uses that trolley could potentially be spreading the virus.

Supermarket UVC Light
UVC light being used to disinfect shopping trolleys

To prevent this from happening, special housing units for trolleys have been developed which use UVC light to disinfect them while they’re not in use. Similar equipment can be used in supermarkets to protect shoppers from COVID19.

Disinfecting Floors with UVC Light in Airports

Just as is being used in shopping malls and hospital wards across the world now, automated machines moving across large areas and disinfecting floors as they go. This innovative solution will help to kill the virus on floors, and prevent people spreading via their shoes.

Seeing these robots in action will likely become normal to us as the fight against the virus continues.

Gates and Other Enclosed Rooms

UVC lamps can be employed in enclosed spaces around airports. This can include gates, shops and restaurants. UVC lights can be turned on overnight when there is no one around, and the light will disinfect the area and air from COVID19.

UVC Light in hospital
UVC light disinfecting a hospital ward

It’s important to remember that UVC light is dangerous for humans, and will burn skin. For this reason, it can only be used when no one is present.

UVC light kills coronavirus and is going to be crucial if we are to get back to our normal lives.

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UVC Light in Airports