Odour and dust control to make your business better

Odour and dust control to make your business better

Emissions of odour and dust can damage the reputation of your business and lead to unhappy staff and neighbours. It can also get you into trouble with pollution control agencies. If your business gives rise to odour or dust, Odour and Dust Solutions offer you standard or bespoke systems to manage any problems that arise. We operate across the UK to ensure your operations keep the dust down and any odour is contained and eliminated. We can even add fragrance to improve the working environment. While the waste and recycling industry is our speciality, we can service any site. Below we summarise the solutions we provide in static and mobile odour and dust control.

Odour control for any site in the UK

Many businesses give rise to unpleasant odours. Whether you run a landfill operation, wastewater plant, recycling facility, compost plant or an odour producing industrial process, we have a solution to suit you. We have can provide static or mobile odour control using a standard atomiser or a system designed for your operation. Following a site survey we can provide you with the correct kit.

Static atomisers are ideal for odour control in recycling or composting sheds. We provide the size of unit suitable for your operation, and these can be fitted to the existing building structure. Height and flow rate will be adjusted according to the odour problem being tackled. As the distributor of Idrotech high pressure nozzle systems we ensure the correct amount of droplets at the right pressure are directed at your odour source. Control panels can be fitted wherever convenient for your operators.

For mobile odour control, our units can be deployed anywhere, run on the mains or powered by their own diesel engine. The bowser holds enough fluid to run for 8 – 24 hours – depending on spray rate – without needing a refill.

Whether you need a static or mobile odour control system neutralising products are added to the liquid to ensure your operations are odour free. We use Neutrador, a non toxic and biodegradable odour neutraliser which can even be supplied in a choice of three citrus fragrances.

Dust suppression on site

As well as causing annoyance and dirty deposits dust can cause damage. Effective dust control protects your expensive equipment and any onsite electronics, the health of employees and keeps visibility clear on access routes and nearby roads. Therefore it essential you make sure dust from your operations is controlled – and Odour and Dust Control are here to help.

Dust control for any site in the UK

Whatever the source of your dust – we can provide a dust suppression solution for you. Our standard or bespoke systems can be used for quarry dust control, demolition sites, wood shredding or waste operations and any site where soil erosion is giving rise to dust. Fog canons are ideal for quarries, demolition, waste and wood shredding sites. As the UK agents for Idrotech fog cannons we can provide a dust suppression system for any situation. For example, the Elefante is the ideal kit for suppressing quarry dust as it can shoot billions of liquid droplets up to 60 metres high and give all round coverage by rotating 360o. For demolition sites, we have mobile atomisers ideal for positioning on site to bring dust down out of the air. These units can be run on electricity or petrol/diesel and handled by just one worker – for easy and economic operation, as well as removal from site at night to prevent theft. For larger jobs the Idrotech Rino provides a heavier duty spray reaching a longer distance.

To help prevent dust getting into the air we also provide dust control products. Foam can be added to shredders to prevent dust getting airborne – and use of foam reduces water consumption. Also, dust seal can be added to sprays to keep road and stockpile dust down for longer.

Odour and Dust Solutions dust and odour control systems can be supplied UK wide to help you avoid complaints, keep equipment clean and employees contented. Whether you are looking for quarry dust control, odour control for a recycling site or odour and dust suppression for your waste facility. Get in touch now to find out how we can help.

Dust control

Dust control

Dust control by Odour and Dust Solutions

If your business causes dust, Odour and Dust Solutions have dust control systems that enable you to prevent problems. Whether you need to eliminate dust nuisance from quarry operations, a waste site or demolition job, our dust control solutions can help. We can prevent dust nuisance or health hazards to neighbouring residents and businesses, as well as protecting your employees on site.

The right dust suppression systems will dampen down problems, and avoid your neighbours complaining to you, or calling in the councils’ environmental health officers or the Environment Agency.  Controlling dust also makes sure you are able to provide a healthy working environment for all your employees – whether staff or sub contractors. What’s more, it prevents expensive dust damage to on site equipment. Here we give you an overview of the standard and bespoke dust control systems we use – with a focus on quarry operations – that will ensure you prevent your business from causing dust nuisance.  We can provide foam or fog cannons as well as products to keep the dust down wherever it arises.

Foam dust suppression

The application of foam can prevent dust from becoming airborne.  In quarrying operations – where most activity gives rise to dust – this is especially important.  Extraction and crushing are where most dust arises, and the addition of foam to material before crushing and during crushing will prevent particles from becoming airborne.  Foam bubbles work as they are pierced when dust particles collide with them. The dust particles then become wet and too heavy to stay in the air. We manufacture and sell our own in house foam product. This is biodegradable, safe to use and has no adverse effects on the cement making process or concrete bloc production.

Fogging systems

Fogging systems provide very fine pressure sprays that will keep dust down. These are ideal for many situations – in particular quarry dust control. On quarry sites extraction, crushing grinding and transport operations can all generate potential nuisance dust. We have the knowledge to devise the system to optimise your quarry dust control. As the UK agents for Idrotech fogging systems we can supply a unit to suit your unique situation. For example, perfect for quarry dust control is the Elefante, capable of shooting billions of droplets up to 60 metres high and rotating 360o – giving all round coverage to ensure particles are kept on the ground. Other Idrotech models Rhino and Giraffe – are also available from us. All come in both low and high pressure models, and are designed to maximise water flow and droplets – ensuring efficient dust suppression. The systems are also ideal for demolition and waste management sites.


Nozzle systems

As Idrotech suppliers we can also customise a mobile or static nozzle system to fit any situation. By adding ODS Dustseal for spraying road ways and stockpiles we optimise quarry dust control on your site.  Whether indoors or outside we can direct the correct amount of dust suppressing droplets, at the correct dilution to maximise dust retention and eliminate your dust problem.

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So, in summary, at Odour and Dust Solutions we design bespoke dust control systems to suit our customers’ situation – whether you are looking for quarry dust suppression, keeping demolition dust down or preventing dust escaping from your waste site, mobile or static, we can provide the dust suppression system that will protect the health of your employees and defend valuable plant and equipment from dust damage.  To find out more about how we can help you, get in touch.

Odour control to nuisance proof your business

Odour control to nuisance proof your business

For businesses where odour is unavoidable, Odour and Dust Solutions provide static and mobile odour control that can help you prevent problems. Whether you manage landfill, waste treatment sites or recycling facilities, odour has the potential to irritate both staff and neighbouring residents or businesses.  Our odour control systems that will get rid of your risk of offending your neighbours or giving them cause to call in the councils’ environmental health officers or the Environment Agency.  Also, effective odour control ensures you maintain a healthy and safe working environment for all your staff and sub contractors.

Here we outline the wet systems available from us that will ensure you prevent odour nuisance from your operations. We use a range of spray applications including static and mobile odour control systems that eliminate or prevent odour problems. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, whether you require rotary atomisers, high pressure nozzle systems or air nozzle systems, we supply the odour suppressing spray to eliminate smell to suit your situation – and can even add fragrance.

Mobile odour control
For sites where odour sources shift our efficient mobile odour control atomisers have an extendable mast, fan assisted rotary atomiser and carry a 1100 litre bowser. With a variable flow rate and spray of fine 40 micron droplets we minimise wastage of water and chemicals while ensuring your odour source is targeted.  Depending on flow rate our mobile odour control unit can run from 8 to 24 hours without the need for a refill. This system is fully flexible to suit your situation and can be transported on a road trailer or site trailer. You choose the most convenient power source for your site.  As a self contained unit the mobile odour control atomiser can be fitted with its’ own high quality diesel engine or plugged in to the mains.

Static odour control
Where your odour source is static, fixed fan assisted rotary atomisers can control odour indoors or outdoors.  They can be used, for example, in waste transfer stations or composting facilities. These atomisers deliver a very fine mist with added neutraliser or fragrance for odour control and have flow rates varying from 10 to 180 litres per hour.  The atomiser fan heads are fitted at the appropriate height and an oscillation system can be added for coverage of large indoor areas.  Control cabinets for these units are installed at ground level to allow easy maintenance access, with power cables and water input pipes running from the cabinet to the atomiser. (in addition to our wet systems, we can also install Ambion Systems ionisers to control odour in enclosed areas, for example in refuse storage areas ).

Refreshing with fragrance
The spray systems we use can not only suppress odour emissions, but also neutralise obnoxious odours and replace them with sweeter smells. To ensure odour is eliminated we use Neutrador odour neutraliser. This odour control product is a blend of plant based extracts making it non toxic and completely biodegradeable – so it does no harm to people, animals or the environment.  Neutrador also comes in a range of natural fragrances designed to refresh the working environment.

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So, in summary, at Odour and Dust Solutions we design bespoke atomiser machines to suit our customers’ situation – whether you are looking for mobile odour control or a static solution we can neutralise nuisance odour to keep you on the right side of law, and even add fragrance to your business. To find out more about how we can help you, get in touch.